PAM Farms is located near Metter, GA.  It is
owned by Dr. Paul Bradley and his wife Mindy.  It
encompasses over 300 acres of pasture, planted
pines, ponds, and streams.  It is managed by Mr.
Jim Edwards and his family.  We proudly raise
Wagyu cattle.  These are the Japanese cows from
which comes Kobe beef.
Wagyu fullblood cows
Wagyu purebred cows
Angus cows
PAM Farms offers both fullblood (100%) Wagyu cattle as well as
purebred Wagyu (crosses between Wagyu and Angus).  All come
from championship bloodlines.  

Wagyu cattle originally come from Kobe, Japan.  They are known
as friendly and docile animals.  Their meat is prized the world over
for it's flavor and tenderness.  Wagyu (Kobe) beef is richly marbled.
 Amazingly, this beef has unusually healthy qualities.  Unlike most
beef on the market, their meat is rich in unsaturated fats, much like
olive oil.  There have even been studies showing that eating Kobe
beef can lower your cholesterol.
To see highlights of Dr.Bradley's talk at the
2006 Annual Wagyu Association meeting
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PAM Farms